Website or Web Site: All you need to know

Website or web site! Probably the most heard word within the decade. The increase in the usage of word website marks our development in technology and IT sector. Websites are the representative mark of an individual, institution, or company on the Internet. A website of a company acts as a link between the consumer. And the producer or retail front of a product or service.

Many small, medium and large businesses turned online with digital advancement. To increase their popularity and keep their feet in the competition, the enterprises use websites. In other words, the popularity of the website or web site is the winning factor of this online business race. Apart from that website became the way to earn money online for many bloggers interested in different niches.

This article will provide an entire overview on website or web site:

What is a website or a web site?

In technical words, a website is a collection of several webpages that are identified by a common name. The website or web site is constituted of codes that decide its format, layout, and overall appearance.

The website is located on the world wide web, and one person or an entity provides the content available on it. The website is traced using a Uniform Resource Locator or URL, which acts as the address of the website or web site. And the URL is assigned to an IP address that is managed by a DNS.

For example,,,, etc.

Types of website or web site

In the digital age, every category has a specific target audience, and thus the website is designed according to it. Based on the availability of various group, website, or website is categorized into the following categories:


The most popular type of website which you must be using into your day to day life. An E-commerce website is a website that is designed for online retailing purposes. You get to do online shopping from your home and make payments online if you wish. And I think every Middle and upper-class Indian is very much aware of E-commerce websites.


It takes a lot of time sometimes days or weeks when you need to spend hours into libraries to get the answer to your queries. But in the present world, every solution is available at a click. There are thousands of websites available on the Internet which answer your questions. Such sites come under the categorization of the Informational website. You need to type a word on google, and you will get several answers, thanks to these informational websites.

Online Community

People love networking, and the network has made networking even more accessible. Online Community is a kind of website or web site where you can exchange your thought from a lot of people like you who share the same or different background.

Photo Sharing

There are a lot of websites or web sites available on the Internet where you can share your clicks or can get access to other’s clicks. These are the Photo Sharing websites.

Difference Between Website or Web Site.

Website or web site, you might have got confused many times between these two words. The question is, which is the correct word to use?

A website is a noun that means a collection of web pages. As you are already aware of the usage of the website and its importance, this word is highly sed in professional language. But then what is a web site?

A web site is an alternative to the word website, which means the same thing. The grammar of English has also evolved with digital evolution. The word web site was popular before 2000, but after that, its popularity and usage were overtaken by the website. So whenever you see these words, you need not worry about their meanings as both stand for the same thing- a collection of webpages.

Website vs. Blog

Many people have websites (for their businesses also as for private use), and lots of people have blogs. But, the problem is whether or not people truly understand the difference between a website and a blog. They certainly aren’t a similar thing. An excellent way to consider a website is in terms of it being a virtual store that sells products and services.

After they are at the point of buying of some kind, they go over to a website which will satisfy their needs. They can purchase something online from your website, or they will use your website to look at exactly where your store is so that they can come and buy products and services from you.

On the other hand, a blog is continually supplying potential customers and existing customers with exciting and useful content. And therefore, the blog enables them to interact with the blogger. The discussions that they have together are often potentially unending.

Also, a blog provides a dimension to the content that you can’t get from your website content. Through your consistent and regular blog content, you’ll eventually become an expert on the subject matter in your niche, and other people will look at you for answers. This may promote more and more discussions.

That is to say, blogs and websites work in very alternative ways; they serve very different purposes and produce different short-term results. However, they’re both necessary to extend your online exposure and to strengthen your online business reputation. It’s essential to possess both as a part of your online presence. They function well together, and undeniably, you’ll see positive results over the future if they’re a neighborhood of your business online.

How to create a website or a web site?

To create a professional website, you need to follow any of the below steps:

Buy a domain name

Firstly, to create any website, you need a domain name that defines the domain of the website. And, the domain is the first thing your customer sees. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a domain that represents your brand.

You can get your domain name from online service providers at the cost of $10 to $50 a year. You can get .org, .in, .com any domain as per your website or web site need.

Get a web hosting service

So, you purchased the domain name but, it is not enough. In short, you need a web host to host your website. However, there are a lot of web hosting companies available such as,, etc. You can visit the site and get a host for your new website for you at economical rates. After that, you will need to connect your server with your domain name.

Use WordPress

After that, you will need a website building platform. WordPress is the most popular CMS as it is easy to use and comes with a lot of templates. You can manage your website from WordPress.

Say hello to your website or web site

Finally, your website is ready to go. Check its availability by entering the domain name. After the website is available, start working on its content, your website has to stand in the podium of google search recommendation.


In conclusion, this was about a website or a web site. Creating a website in the present era is a piece of cake but needs proper attention. Also, creating a website is easy, but maintaining the website is the real task. Get your website ready and fill it with related content so that your website or web site can serve the purpose of its existence.