Artificial Intelligence also denoted as AI is the intelligence that is exhibited by machines. In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has seen growth to a great extent. However, it was discovered in the year 1995 as an academic discipline. Robotics, artificial neural networks, etc are the sub-branches of this discipline. Thus, Numerous tools are continuously using during this field. But the main question that arises in everyone’s mind is that has artificial intelligence proved to be boon or bane for the entire world? This topic has been a hotspot for debates and is still debated around the world. Since everything comes with its own share of pros and cons and so is the case with Artificial Intelligence. There are many pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence: The Positive Side

Let’s go with all the Pros first out of the pros and cons of artificial intelligence. Go through the listed advantages below:

Error-free Work

Machines know nothing of their own as they make decisions based on the previous computations. Many algorithms we applied which further reduces the number of errors. It takes a lot of time to solve complex problems that involve strenuous calculations but this has been made quite easy with the help of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, digital assistants and chatbots becoming helping hand in the organizations. This leads to saving time for both the employees of the organization as well as the customers.

No Wear and Tear

AI is also creating its space in various jobs like mining and fuel exploration processes. AI has a strong capability of overcoming the limitations human beings possess. No matter how much hard work they do, they never get tired or wear out.

Medical Field Applications 

The usage of AI in the field of medicine has indeed proved to be a boon to mankind. The Doctors examine the patients, their symptoms and the health risks which they have or might have in the future with the help of AI-powered machines. Currently, Artificial Surgery simulators help in simulating surgical procedures. For this, medical professionals, are trained to use them. These simulators make use of the application that detects & monitors neurological disorders. It also stimulates the functions of the brain. 

Rational Decisions

In order to make the right decisions, it’s important that the members of any organization should think rationally. This is not in the case of human beings as they always consider their emotions alone whenever they make any decision. Robots do not have emotions so they take decisions logically. Moreover, the absence of emotions also ensures the efficiency of decisions. 

Daily Life made easy

The digital assistance that we use in our daily life has made our life so convenient. It may be GPS, Siri answering our questions or the autocorrect feature. We do not need to ask people for the correct way/route if we want to go somewhere. The camera automatically detects the faces when you are about to click a picture. The feature of face detection used in filters is quite popular on social media. Most of the people try it whenever they upload a picture.

Tireless Work

The capability of machines working for long hours is much higher than humans. They are able to work without getting tired or getting bored. Human Beings need rest as they cannot work long hours tirelessly. They need breaks in between the work to do work with efficiency. So, there’s a difference between the efficiency of the two when the factor of time is taken into account. They need breaks in between the work to do work with efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence: The Negative Side

Just like any other thing, AI also has some disadvantages associated with it. Now, let’s have a look at the cons out of the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence.

High Price

 As we know a high amount of investment is associated with Artificial Intelligence. This is because AI requires complex machines. In addition to the cost of installation, the repair and the maintenance charges will require huge costs. Frequent up-gradation required in the case of software programs. They too need to adjust according to the needs of the environment and It keeps on changing frequently.


 The rise in unemployment is a severe drawback of artificial intelligence. In various industries, the requirements of human beings have decreased which has led to a rise in unemployment. Nowadays, More skilled employees needed to cater to the latest technologies. In order to deal with devices using Artificial Intelligence, humans need to possess proper skills. 

Absence of Creativity

Well, it is an obvious fact that creativity is absent in the case of machines. Humans are pretty sensitive as they have emotions associated with them. New ideas can be generated in their minds with a splash of creativity. Machines can’t feel, think, hear or see which humans can do. It doesn’t matter how much the technology grows or advances, the inherent abilities can’t be acquired by the machines.

No Human Replication

Whatever may be the level of smartness of machines, humans cannot be replicated by machines. Machines neither have moral values nor emotions. They possess no knowledge of what is ethical or legal. They only perform those functions which humans instruct them. In an unfamiliar situation, they may make incorrect decisions.

Experience doesn’t help

Though the systems make use of deep learning still they can’t make decisions based on the experience like humans. They don’t have any passion regarding the work. Moreover, they cannot adjust as per the dynamic environment.

Artificial Intelligence Boon or Bane

Despite all the negative points associated with this technology, the positive side makes it worth using. However, we have to take proper care of it. It can turn into bane easily if not implemented with precautions keeping in mind the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.